Tooling and repair of metal molds

Tooling and repair of metal molds


Our molds are made with three-dimensional designs that help customers get a real feel for each of our products.

We offer know-how in manufacturing injection molds for plastics.

3D technology CAD-CAM-CAE-edge and always updated allows an optimization of our work.

One of the main advantages we offer is that the customer can perform both the order of the mold and the injection of the piece itself (depending on the size of it).



The materials used for injection molding are of the highest quality, which combined with a process of care in every detail injection, makes molded plastic parts remain perfect.

We have a machine equipped with latest technology and hardware workshop machining center, high-speed erosion, welding, presses adjustment, etc.

We have capacity of industrial production, injection molding machines from 80-200 tons closing force equipped robotic parts removal.

We use a closed cooling system and controlled as well as other complementary means
to offer the best jobs and the best finishes.

This is just one of many works done in Daype 98.

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In addition, our team consists of modern machines to simulate the final work.

They can call us if they are interested in that we make them some mold or also to advise them in the design more suitable to obtain the better finished plastic products.

In Daype we develop products for diverse sectors as:

In Daype we know how important they are to society sectors such as road safety, agriculture and industry, among others; therefore we wanted to respond to the demands of each of these sectors with the highest quality products with which to satifacer the expectations of our customers.

Injection mold design

Design of injection molds for plastic parts aimed at different market sectors of our economy

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Repair of molds for plastic injection to be perfectly finished and ready to get parts for different sectors

Introduction to Mold Making

Introduction to Mold Making

New section in which we explain what our work is and what is the tool shop. Each week we will provide a note on the die-making and metal sector