Utility Box

Utility Box

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Small plastic box suitable for fruit or vegetables initially but suitable for any kind of product, so the use of this box is useful for different sectors. However, this case is for other purposes, as they may contain very different objects. The plastic it is made of is high quality, so customers can enjoy the benefits of this multi-purpose box.

This is a product that has grabbed the attention of many farmers and agricultural producers for the profitability offered, since this case for strawberries is much more durable and cost effective than those used currently made of cardboard.

caja_multiusosAs you can see on our website, we take care of the design of the mold and then injecting plastic end pieces. If you are interested in this service, they have more information in sections tooling and plastic injection.

Cultivation and strawberry campaign Huelva

Although there are different Spanish provinces dedicated to the collection and packaging of strawberries as Segovia, the province par excellence is known for strawberries Huelva.


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