Yellow peelchickens finger DC

Yellow peelchickens finger DC

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It is made with a prepared and studied formula for the food industry and avoids damage to the bird. It suffers temperatures between 80 and 140 ° C.
The quality of our chickens pela is so good that customers who have tried have come to trust us.

It's perfect to turkeys, ostriches and older chickens.

Orientatively, our customers order 100 in 100 units, but they can buy whatever they want in single units.

pavos avestruces


To avoid birds hand peeling, some hunters choose to make homemade plucker our rubber brushes hook shaped finger.
These products have an optimal value, as in other models, we process them with the harshness that customers need, as long as the orders are very substantial.


Note: If you are a company registered in the European Economic Community and have an intracommunitary fiscal code, please first contact us before ordering to not charge VAT.



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