Multipurpose airtight container

Multipurpose airtight container

Delivery weight: 62 g

Possible delivery methods: PickupByCustomer, Delivery to mainland Spain and Portugal


In Daype 98 produce an ideal place to store liquids or paints without fear that there discharges, since it has a lid sealing product. The material used is of the highest quality.

The plastic used for manufacturing is very tough, because we must bear in mind that is domestically produced and is carried out by specialized equipment in injection molding.

One of the main advantages of the multipurpose container is that it prevents unwanted spills from occurring. These birds plucking fingers peel May from chickens to ducks, partridges through, Among Others.


Note: If you are a company registered in the European Economic Community and have an intracommunitary fiscal code, please first contact us before ordering to not charge VAT.




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