dashboard mini cooper

dashboard mini cooper

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So it is this replica mini dashboard mounted!




Exact copy of mini cooper dashboard, same finish, same material (ABS), with the advantage that the dashboard we offer is much more resistant to its thickness. It is true to the original, but at a more affordable price. It can mount and unmount without fear of being split at the first opportunity. AUTHI, mini, morris, leyland, rover.

The board has six classic mini watches (not included), which are easily adapted to our model copy mini cooper dashboard, leyland, AUTHI Dashboard Innocenti Mini Morris Austin Rover.

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Our customers, both Spanish and the rest of Europe, have positively valued the qualities of it.
Today, we already export our classic Mini Cooper dashboard to countries such as the United States, France, the United States, Italy and Belgium, among others.


So we made the dashboard for Mini Cooper Classic

And in this video you can see the difference between a mini cooper dashboard original (first thing you see) and the Daype 98.

Resistance obvious!



And if you want to know how to make the holes for attaching the watches, we explain it in this other video







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